Here are legit ways to travel for free - you don't have to be rich!

I have had a few friends recently who have been traveling to some rather amazing places for absolutely free.  Most of the time when I hear about these things I just turn a blind eye to them because I figure there is always some scam involved.  Well, it turns out there are ways to do it if you're disciplined.  A lot of these credit card companies allow you to sign up for travel rewards cards which can give you points very quickly. 

One of my friends was able to get a free all inclusive  (air, hotel and some of his meals) trip from Los Angeles to Maldives, then to somewhere in Australia, then up to Paris.  He didn't pay a cent!  My big concern was that taking out these credit cards would ruin one's credit score but apparently not.  He had taken out quite a few credit cards and was a master of the travel rewards game.  It turned out despite all of it, his score was close to 800!  If you're looking for more info, check out the link:

Click here for the full article from Yahoo Travel

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