Hotel Review:  Studio 99 Serviced Apartments in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Hotel Review: Studio 99 Serviced Apartments in Chiang Mai, Thailand

During my two week stay in Chiang Mai, I decided to bifurcate my stay. I first stayed at the Green Tiger, then moved to Studio 99 for my second week. While at first I was sad to leave behind my friends at the Green Tiger, I began to appreciate Studio 99.

This is a serviced apartment but for those of you that don't know what that is, it is fairly similar to a hotel, except you get an entire apartment! They clean it every day, change the bedding and towels, and make sure you have coffee and tea. The only difference is there is no lobby where people congregate and hang out, but there is a lady there to help you if you need anything.

Studio 99 serviced apartment chiang mai

My room was beautiful. Huge, clean, modern. It was literally half of the entire floor. If I were renting somewhere I would rent here. The apartment had many windows with beautiful views from all sides. While there was also a nice kitchen I never used it. The fridge however was a great addition which I used frequently. Every morning when I would wake up and look across Chiang Mai from my bedroom, I would feel good. When I'd sit down and watch TV with another beautiful view, I would feel good. So glad I chose this place!

Studio 99 review chiang mai

For breakfast you're on your own. There is a hotel next door which had a breakfast buffet, however I was not a fan of it and it always closed before I could get there. If you walk a couple of blocks there are lots of options. The Thapae Gate is closeby and the apartment is right off of the main strip so the location is great from the perspective that you're next to all of the action while having your tranquility and seclusion at the same time.

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The internet connection was strong and fast! The room had strong A/C so never had to worry about being too hot. The coffee and tea were always stocked. And yes, lots of TV channels including the same ones you see all around the world which seem to always play some old 1980s movie that seems to be quite fitting while you're on vacation in another neck of the world.

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My week long stay came and went. Ultimately I had a really enjoyable time at this apartment/hotel. I had never stayed at such a place before but would definitely do so again.

Check out my video review on YouTube by CLICKING HERE!

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