My Song of the Month from the Dominican Republic!

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My Song of the Month from the Dominican Republic!

So in typical fashion it happened again.  It seems like every trip I go on there's a song I hear that lingers and sticks with me.  Just hearing the song makes me feel alive and free, like I'm still on vacation.

For once I had done an all-inc relax-and-do-nothing vacation to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  As I had been to Cancun and Cuba umpteen times, my friends who were having a birthday decided we should try somewhere new.  Unlike my other adventures getting around the globe, this for once ended up being exactly what was intended - eat, drink and do nothing.  Relaxing!  For once I wouldn't need a vacation from my vacation.

Upon waiting for my flight, I wandered into one of the many gift stores in Punta Cana's airport.  I had a few hundred Domincan Pesos hanging around and thought I'd spend it on something useless before returning home. Keychain?  Nahhh.  Postcard?  Maybe next time.  Mamajuana?  Yes please!  

The song?  Propuesta Indecente, by Romeo Santos, who some may recognize from the group Aventura.  The guy has a unique voice and is famous for the Reggaeton he's pumped out.  Not surprisingly, when I looked up the song, it had already 1.2 billion views on YouTube in only a few years.

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