The BENE Hotel:  A Detailed Review

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The BENE Hotel: A Detailed Review

Bene Hotel


The first thing I do when I land is Bali is to take a deep breath and breath in the peace that the island bring.  This was going to be my second trip to Bali and this time, knowing the lay of the land a bit better, planned to break my vacation into three sections:  a few nights in Kuta, a few in Seminyak, and finally my remaining nights in Ubud.

For my Kuta stay, I chose to stay at The Bene Hotel.  With hundreds of cool hotel options, it was the perfect choice for me.  As the Cerebral Assassin of travelers, I analyze the hell out of every decision I make so that my vacation is always awesome so I go through the pains of reading TripAdvisor reviews, check out the travelers’ photos, look at maps to see it’s location etc. etc.  In total I paid $38 USD per night for a deluxe room facing the pool, with breakfast included.   Now, onto the review!


From the airport, the hotel was about a 35 minute drive.  Unfortunately, traffic has increased exponentially over the years so from a distance perspective, this would have only been about 15 minutes a few years ago.

Situated down a small side-street that connected the beach to busy main strip of Kuta, the location provided easy walking access to both the beach and shopping areas as well as the main strip with other small shops and of course the famous night clubs.  In addition to the convenient location, the small alley was lined with its own share of souvenir shops and mini-marts so you didn’t have to go far for snacks and drinks etc.    For me, the location was ideal since you get peace and quiet of the location while still having the hustle and bustle of Kuta only steps away.

Bene Hotel front entracelobby of Bene Hotel


I’m not sure why people review this at all as in all of my years of checking into hotels, I’ve never had an issue.  This check-in was no different.

There is a small security booth and gate on the path into the hotel so you need not worry about your safety.  Upon arrival someone will grab your suitcases and at the front desk they’ll check you in while offering a tasty grapefruit juice.  I had paid for a deluxe room and requested a room facing the pool on a higher floor, which is exactly what I got.

The staff was friendly and check-in was quick.



This hotel has a very welcoming common area where the dining room opens out into the pool area.  There were many people who spent the entire day just chilling at the pool, reading books.  Speaking of books, they had a little library with a variety of novels that other guests had left behind so I took it upon myself to (permanently) borrow a Jack Reacher novel to read.

The dining area is quite open and spacious and a nice place to relax at during the day and of course for breakfast.  I felt that the layout of the place was also such that it made it easy to chat with people and make some friends.

room at the Bene Hotel Bali



Awesome.  Clean, modern, and had a nice view of the pool.  It is the type of hotel that is like a court-yard in which all the rooms are facing the pool and therefore each other.  By the set-up, you could feel like you’re in a fishbowl since everyone can see everyone else’s room, but there is more than enough in terms of drapes so don’t worry too much about that.

I’m big on having a nice view and this was great.  Floor to ceiling windows made the room light and bright with a nice relaxing view of the pool area.

The WIFI which was very strong in the lobby was also strong in the room.  Thankfully, they don’t charge extra to have WIFI in your room, something which a lot of high-end hotels do which I found ridiculous.

The room itself was spacious, had a king-sized bed, a modern bathroom and plenty of TV channels.  The bathroom also had a rain showerhead which is always a plus.  While I’m not picky when it comes to beds, for those of you that care, the bed was equally comfortable.  The room was nice, especially considering the price!

The bathroom was not huge, but definitely big enough.  It had a rainshower in it and came with soap and shampoo.  Towels were clean and plush.

breakfast at Bene Hotel Bali



My room came with breakfast included.  The breakfast area is at the restaurant located immediately to the right of the entrance .  The area is huge and very pleasant, as it overlooks the pool and has nice relaxing Bali spa music playing.  There is a good selection of fresh juices and everything from pastries to Indonesia food.  Since most of my diet during the trip was Indonesian food, I opted for the American-style options such as the pancakes, eggs, and bacon.  YES, there is an omelet station so you can customize things any way you’d like.  The food was fresh and very good.  You won’t be disappointed.


pool at the Bene Hotel


The pool is really cool and many people just stayed lounging around the hotel during the day.  There is also a little corner where they have books which you can borrow in case you realized it was time to ditch the cell phone addiction and actually read a book.  I actally picked up a Jack Reacher novel just for fun and after reading a couple of pages was hooked.  Now that I’m back states-side, I’ve borrowed a few more!  My point is though, you don’t need to weigh down your suitcase with books as it might be fun to see what books the hotel has.

Overall I was very happy with The Bene Hotel and would definitely stay there again.  If you’re looking for a neutral location that gives you access to the quiet and loud parts of Kuta, then this is it! 

Feel free to email me or leave comments below if you have any questions. 




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