The Simple Market - Chiang Mai, Thailand

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The Simple Market - Chiang Mai, Thailand

They should call it the SimplY Amazing Market. During my escape from the pressures of work, I had the opportunity to spend a relaxing and healthy two weeks in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai. During my stay near the North Gate area, I discovered a cute little night market that has sprung up outside the Walls towards the north-west corner simply called “The Simple Market”.

Certainly small compared to the famous Sunday Walking Market (actually I don’t know any night market in the world bigger than that one!), the Simple Market is open daily – more or less – and focuses on the culinary experience moreso than artisan crafts or elephant t-shirts. This new market is set in a gravel parking lot immediately off the main road, and features shipping containers turned into restaurant kiosks, as well as your normal fanfare of tables. Satay, Japanese egg pancakes, fresh fruit smoothies, name it. There’s even a new burger chain on the scene called “Burger Box” which seems to have amazing hamburgers and chicken burgers for only about $1US.

For the solo traveller that I was when I visited, it was very solo friendly. There was a live band, as well as quite a few open tables making it easy to enjoy the food, ambience, and the evening by yourself. The great part about this market is that it is not crowded, but there are just enough people to make it enjoyable, unlike the main market down by the river which is a tourist free for all.

If you make it to the Simple Market I highly recommend the pad-thai from the lady in one of the steel shipping containers (at the end of the row), as well as Burger Box. You really can’t go wrong with anything here! A simple market for a town famous for its simplicity.   Enjoy!



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