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G Adventures Morroco, Louis the Child It's Strange, royalty free commercial use photo, travel songs -

I wanted to share with you my latest song which I can't seem to get out of my head!  During my G Adventures trip to Morocco, we spent a night out in the Sahara desert.  The experience was incredible.  Sleeping outside, watching shooting stars...My friend on the trip was playing music on her cell phone and all night this song kept playing over and over.  For some reason it got embedded in my head and my memory.  There's something unique about the electronic music thrown in the chorus.  Check it out!

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As part of wellness, I would be remiss if I didn't talk about one of my favorite subjects:  skincare.  As a teen that had acne growing up, I became a researcher on the subject trying to figure out what causes it and why.  Fortunately it only lasted from the age of about 16 to 18 and cleared up.  Until two months ago! My teenage acne didn't fully return, however every two or three days, I did find myself waking up to a new red bump, deep under the skin.  This type of acne is known as "cystic" acne because it...

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chiang mai food, restaurant review chiang mai, street food chiang mai, street food thailand, The Simple Market -

They should call it the SimplY Amazing Market. During my escape from the pressures of work, I had the opportunity to spend a relaxing and healthy two weeks in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai. During my stay near the North Gate area, I discovered a cute little night market that has sprung up outside the Walls towards the north-west corner simply called “The Simple Market”. Certainly small compared to the famous Sunday Walking Market (actually I don’t know any night market in the world bigger than that one!), the Simple Market is open daily – more or less –...

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hotel review Royal International Hotel Shanghai China, review of Royal International Hotel, Royal International Hotel -

Address:  998 Xiuchuan Road, Chuansha, Shanghai 201200 Web: Clean. Modern. Comfortable. What else can I say to describe my experience at the Royal International Hotel? I stayed at the Royal during a transit through Shanghai. Let me be precise so I can take yet another shot at China Eastern Airlines. After being royally screwed by them when they cancelled one leg of my flight and then left me with my balls in my hand, I was forced to book a hotel in Shanghai. Either that, or spend 12 hours sitting in an airport after a 15 hour flight. I...

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cheap hotel Chiang Mai, review of Chiang Mai hotels, review of Studio 99 serviced apartment in Chiang Mai Thailand, Studio 99 serviced apartment, video of Studio 99 Thailand -

During my two week stay in Chiang Mai, I decided to bifurcate my stay. I first stayed at the Green Tiger, then moved to Studio 99 for my second week. While at first I was sad to leave behind my friends at the Green Tiger, I began to appreciate Studio 99.This is a serviced apartment but for those of you that don't know what that is, it is fairly similar to a hotel, except you get an entire apartment! They clean it every day, change the bedding and towels, and make sure you have coffee and tea. The only difference...

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