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  Do you find yourself affected by the people around you? Maybe being in large groups of people drains you. Do you feel tired all of the time and don't know why?Maybe you're an EMPATH and don't even realize it! An empath is someone who absorbs the energy of the people and living things around them. The nice part about this is that you absorb good energy when people around you are feeling good. The bad part about this is that you absorb negative energy In this video I go over the different ways to tell if you are an...

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Join me as I take a tour of a plantation where they produce the famous Luwak coffee, which is the coffee where they use the beans defecated from the Luwak weasel.  While there are many of these farms in Bali, this one in particular was amazing as it gave a beautiful view of the rice terraces.   It was called Bali Pulina an I highly recommend it!

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