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My first morning in Bali!  I was taken on a whirlwind tour of the island!  Our first stop was a place where they weave the batik shirts.  Indonesia is famous for its colorful shirts and this is how they're done!  Enjoy.

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This funny cat used to hang out at our villa.  Every morning he'd come up to me, spray the plants nearest me, and walk around like he owned the place.  And who knows?  Maybe he did own the place!  One of my favorite memories from my first morning in Bali.

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While simple, this photo always brings back memories.  After a stressful few months, I flew to Bali.  Arrived late at night, went straight to the villa.  I arose to the faint smell of leaves burning, and exotic bugs and birds singing.  When I walked outside of the villa to the alley, there was something magical about the lighting and the energy.  I took this photo without any filters and even the photo managed to capture the colors of the magic. 

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