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Do you have that one song that makes you stare off into the distance and re-live the memories of an amazing travel experience?  I know I have a few of them.  Here they are:


Perhaps my all time favourite band - they are an electronic, Depeche Mode sounding Mexican group.  When I hear this particular song I am immediately hypnotized and brought back to the year I lived in Mexico during undergrad.  We were driving back up to Monterrey from a visit to Mexico City...speeding along that highway at 180 km/h, the sun was setting amidst a sky filled with potential storm clouds.  The effect was breathtaking.  I felt like I was in a movie.

The song "Contigo Estare" (I'll be with you) played on the radio as we drove along the highway that evening.  I felt a levity and freedom of life that I don't think I had ever felt.  This was happiness. 



 One of the greatest trips I've ever been on was my Contiki voyage through South East Asia.  We started in Thailand and worked our way over to Laos, and then through Cambodia.  From all of the trips i've been on, that one left an indelible mark on my soul.  From the watching girls pull random items out of their baby-makers aka "ping-pong shows" in Thailand, to the Killing Fields of Cambodia, that trip was just incredible.  The group of genuine, amazing people I travelled with will be my friends for life.  Floating in a slow boat down the Mekong Delta, talking about life, and partying our asses off in the night.

When I hear this song, I feel the youth and vibrancy of travel.  I remember a small little bar outside of our hotel in Chiang Rai, Thailand where we went on a bender.  Enjoying life to the fullest!  This song came on and my brain




FOOTPRINTS (All Over The World) - DJ Tiesto

 Noticing a DJ Tiesto trend here?  So am I.  I didn't even realize he had done these songs until someone told me.  This was our day song on my Contiki trip to Europe last year.  For a world traveller, it is truly an awesome song!  Brings back memories of walking through the narrow alleys of Venice and taking a bicycle tour of Munich.


ENTRE TU Y MIL MARES - Laura Pausini

Another favorite.  I first heard this song while living in Monterrey when I was working there with the Consulate.  It was a cold winter night around Christmas time and this song hit the radio.  Laura Pausini sings with such passion - she is Italian but sings her fair share of Spanish songs.  Take a listen.  Every time I hear that song I flash back to riding in a green Mercury Cougar, heading back to my place.




This is my favorite flashback song.  It was my first trip to Cancun - one of my first trips I had gone on with just a friend and none of my family.  We were fearless that week.  Everything that could have happened, did happen in that one week.  Amazing nights at the clubs, relaxing fun around the pool during the day.  That week was truly living.  For once I wasn't overcome with the shyness that I usually wore back home in Canada.  One night we went to the club called Daddy'O, which back then was the greatest place ever.  Through a fog of alcohol and euphoria, I remember watching a hot Mexican girl with a huge cell phone strapped to her belt (c'mon this was back in the late 90's), dancing on stage.  Everyone was having fun.  This was living.  This song always brings me back to that night and that very special week.


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