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Visit Angkor Wat To Experience Time Travel

Many people are skeptical of whether time travel is real.  Visit Angkor Wat and you'll see that you can in fact travel back in time…almost one thousand years.

After trekking through alleys, the Mekong, and bars, we found ourselves in Cambodia. The last leg of my Contiki tour brought me specifically to Siem Reap – now one of my favorite cities in Asia. I love the name as well as I think of the Grim Reaper even though this city is quite the opposite.   If you haven’t been yet I have one word for you: GO.

This city is a small paradise which you can quickly tell is blowing up in the tourist community and as time passes, you’ll no longer get to eat a fabulous meal for only a few dollars or have an hour long massage for just $3 USD. More importantly, Siem Reap is home to Angor Wat, the largest religious monument on the planet. As it grows in popularity, your chances of seeing it in this pristine state may decrease. TripAdvisor just named it the top tourist attraction in the world so it’s already been “discovered”.

Having seen countless temples around the globe, at some point many of them start looking alike. Not Angkor Wat. If you think this place looked like a fictitious set out of Hollywood when you watched Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie (they filmed it here), wait until you layeth your eyes upon this place. There is such a wonder and magic that radiates about this place that you’ll think you were dreaming.  

Surrounded by a moat so big you’d swear no human could have built it by hand, you cross a brick bridge to enter Angkor Wat. The contrast with the fauna and the colors of the bricks used to build this series of monuments will dazzle your eyes. Crossing that bridge I swear that I crossed a worm-hole that brought me back in time. This place seems untouched. Even monkeys sitting like sage wise-men are still there, observing the tourists. Think about this – those monkeys’ ancestors are the same ones which were probably there hundreds of year ago watching Kings and worshippers alike.

This is such a huge property I recommend you get there early to watch the sun rise over the main temple. It is magnificent to say the least. It’s one thing to read about this history in books and the internet, and it’s another thing to walk in it and be brought back in time, almost a thousand years ago. Think I’m joking? Go see for yourself.


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