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Meet Asher Svidensky: Photographer Extraordinaire

Meet Asher Svidensky.  Like the rest of you, he loves to travel!  What makes him unique however is the magic of the photography he takes.  I liken his work to Gregory Colbert with his use of animals and framing of shots with people.  Visit his Instagram and his Website and be prepared to be blown away.  Here's a little bit about him, as well as some photographs so you can get a taste of what this man is all about:


Instagram: ashersvidensky



My name is Asher Svidensky, I’m a traveling photographer with a strong passion for storytelling and Art photography. My work has been published in worldwide publications: National Geographic (USA), BBC (TV, radio and website), The Times, Daily Mail, Metro, Guardian (UK), GEO (Germany & France) etc. In 2014 I had the privilege of giving a TEDx talk on the subject of “Stories & Heroes”.


My path started when I was conscripted into the army (2009-2012). Serving as a military photographer gave me the time and opportunity to work on my photography on daily basis and improve.

After the Army I started working in jobs that I didn’t enjoy but helped to survive; wedding photography, headshots etc. As time passed I started treating photography less and less as an Art and more as a business, I found myself making a living out of something I loved but in a way that made me hate it.

After 2 years I snapped! I couldn’t take it anymore. I made the choice to leave everything and change; I took a camera, a bag, a few shirts and bought myself an one-way ticket to Asia.

This journey gave birth to my first photo project: “The Eagle Hunters of Mongolia” which some of you might be familiar with. This project discovered Mongolia’s first eagle huntress in more than a thousand years: 13 year old Ashol-Pan (In the image above). The story and images were published around the world both online and in publication like National Geographic and television on the BBC news.

Ever since I keep traveling, moving from place to place, looking for the next project, there are so many stories out there waiting to be discovered. When I first picked up a camera I remember the thirsty for photography and traveling tips and stories, therefor once my adventures started I kept sharing my work and experiences online on social medias, believing that knowledge should be shared.

 Author:  Asher Svidensky

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