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Waterbom In Bali Is Da Bomb...If You Know What I Mean

Waterbom in Bali is Da Bomb.  Too soon for that joke?  Lighten up - it's been over a decade. Oh well.  I guess that just makes me ahead of my time.  Nevertheless, if you want to perfect your trip t Bali, I highly recommend going to Waterbom !  You will find an incredibly fun water park with unique slides but without the long lines normally found at such parks. 

For those that know me, I’m a big believer and practitioner of the law of attraction.  Think, believe, and through the Universe, receive.  In August of last year, I remember snooping around Pinterest and was captivated by this amazing picture of people floating on tubes down this picturesque stream.  Take a look at this picture below and tell me you don’t want to drop everything and be floating in one of these tubes pictured below. 


Under pressure thanks to a somewhat stressful profession (being  a  lawyer sucks), I imagined myself floating carelessly on one of these tubes through this amazing jungle.  Just the thought of it made me feel lighter.  Around the same month, I decided it was time to take a much needed break and so I booked an extended trip to Asia – starting with Bali, Indonesia.  Having heard so many things about it, I had to go.  Little did I know, by booking that ticket to Bali, I was setting forth a chain of events that would have me floating on that very tube in the picture to the right.

As it turned out, one of the top water parks in Asia is in Bali – not far from the main airport.  This magical place is called Waterbom and yes, it is Da Bomb!  We decided to visit it on our last day in Bali.  As we had the day to kill before our flight out to Jakarta at 4:30pm, it made sense to stay near the airport.  While I’m not a water-park kind of guy, I ended up saying yes.

The park itself seems rather new which was awesome.  I have a preconceived notion about water parks being musty, and dirty.  This place was spotless!  Although we went during what should be peak tourist season (around December), it felt like we had the park to ourselves.  There were no lines and very few people.  For Indonesians, they charged about $15USD for the entrance fee, and around $30USD for visitors.  Sucks.  I’m not a big fan of this "tourist versus non tourist" rate thing I see in some countries, but it wasn’t going to stop me.

There is a large and very clean locker room in which everything is electronic so you don’t have to carry a key or money around with you.  We pretty much walked into each of the slides with no waiting – it was awesome!  The first one has you go down a spiraling hole (kind of like you’re being flushed down a toilet bowl), only to have you slide vertically up a tall wall, and slide back down.  Wicked.


All of the slides were a lot of fun, even for me who wasn’t really the type to appreciate them.  Three slides in particular stood out, and I’m sure the more adrenalin junky types would enjoy them.  They stood out because you basically stood in a capsule, the floor fell out out from under you, and you started a near vertical drop before having your momentum take you around the twists and turns of the slide.  One of those slides was called Climax, and not because you actually climaxed at the end.  In fact, if anything you shit your swimming trunks anticipating the drop during the countdown to the floor being yanked from under you!

Which leads us to the Lazy River.  Yes, the stream you see in the picture at the top, the one that captivated me on Pinterest, happens to be located right here at Water Bom!  My imagination and the Universe colluded to bring me here.  After an exciting day on these amazing slides on a water park we had almost entirely to ourselves, I got to enjoy the last half hour just floating down this stream which circled the park.  As I floated, pushed forward by the artificial current below me, I knew that anything and everything in life will be a reality if you desire it. 

All in all, I highly recommend checking out Waterbom after you’ve finished all of the more cultural sites and sounds of Bali.  A great way to end an amazing trip to this beautiful series of islands. 

 - AB3

"Travel often."


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