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Don't Mess With Parking Enforcement in Bali....

While in Bali I was walking from my villa to Kuta beach. I had to cut through a few of the housing areas to get there.  The streets off of the main roads are super narrow - picture these concrete roads that are only about 7' or 8' wide at best, with concrete walls on either side and open gutters.  Veer too far to one side of the road and your car's tires are going to fall in and your car will be stuck.  As much walking as I did, I couldn't really figure out how two cars would ever be able to squeeze through these roads.

As I got closer to the beach I noticed a vinyl sign posted.  One of the residents of this community decided to put up their own version of a "no parking" sign. And here i thought the Balinese people were super friendly!  Apparently, if you park here, the residents will make sure you never leave by flattening your tires. I thought it had the opposite effect since they don't want you to park there in the first place, but then flatten your tires so you can't leave.  Wouldn't a simple parking ticket have sufficed?

I still love #Bali!!!!  

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