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Here's How To Know If You're An EMPATH!


Do you find yourself affected by the people around you? Maybe being in large groups of people drains you. Do you feel tired all of the time and don't know why?

Maybe you're an EMPATH and don't even realize it! An empath is someone who absorbs the energy of the people and living things around them. The nice part about this is that you absorb good energy when people around you are feeling good. The bad part about this is that you absorb negative energy

In this video I go over the different ways to tell if you are an empath. Here are some of them:

1. You feel tired after speaking with certain people

2. Being around crowds of people makes you tired or nervous

3. People who have problems seem to gravitate towards you and want to always use you to vent

4. Your mind feels tormented when you are interacting with mentally tormented people

5. You feel suffering even though your life is going great and when you look at it, it's other people's problems or personalities that cause you that suffering

6. You need more "alone time" than most people. Instead of being with your wife, boyfriend, or family, you feel the need to be in a room or outdoors by yourself to gather your thoughts and cool down your mind

7. You listen to people's energies when you talk with them. When most people talk to someone else, they listen to the words coming out of their mouth and interact with them based on what that person is saying

In life we often hear about how people "drive" other people crazy. This is true. If you realize you've been affected by other people without even them uttering a word, you may be an empath. This gift can also be a curse if not realized, and managed correctly, as people will take advantage of you, steal your energy, and cause you to become depressed, and withdrawn because you're afraid to deal with people.

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