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I think by now I can call myself a seasoned traveller when it comes to using tour groups.  For me, I love them!  You get to meet an awesome group of friends, have the security of a group, and get down to the nitty-gritty of seeing a place while minimizing some of the headaches.  But as much as I love these tours, one thing has always bugged me with regards to how they are marketed - specifically how they present the length of the tours.  Tour companies tend to sell you a tour based on number of days, but in...

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For those of you reading this who are from the USA, there's a way to skip all of this hassle if you didn't already know.  T-Mobile.  I promise, I'm not getting paid to write this, but T-Mobile has been amazing for international travel for years now.  As far back as 2009 I was using the Wi-Fi calling feature on my T-Mobile Blackberry.  Even back then, as long as you were near a wifi connection, you could connect your phone, and make and receive calls to and from the USA as though you were still back home.  Cost?  ZERO. 

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Many people are skeptical of whether time travel is real.  Visit Angkor Wat and you'll see that you can in fact travel back in time…almost one thousand years. After trekking through alleys, the Mekong, and bars, we found ourselves in Cambodia. The last leg of my Contiki tour brought me specifically to Siem Reap – now one of my favorite cities in Asia. I love the name as well as I think of the Grim Reaper even though this city is quite the opposite.   If you haven’t been yet I have one word for you: GO. This city is a...

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