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One of those trips where you realize nothing matters in the world, except for where you are in that very moment. I took this photo atop one of the islands in Halong Bay, just outside of Hanoi in Vietnam. It was quite trek up the stairs, but well worth it! While the rest of the group played volleyball on the sand beach at the bottom, I felt the peace of knowing that we were somewhere magical. You can buy my latest postcard on Zazzle.  Here is the link!  http://www.zazzle.com/halong_bay_vietnam_postcard-239466760558783039  

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Let's face it:  when we travel, we meet some of the coolest people this world has to offer.  But what about the complete asshole travellers we meet along the way?  I feel like they don't get nearly enough attention on travel blogs and that's not fair to them.  As crazy as it may sound, they actually are part of our marvelous journeys given that they always leave us with stories to remember.

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