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I never had Germany in my sights as a travel destination.  For whatever reason, my misconceptions of it were that the people were very cold, the cities dull with gray weather, and there was nothing exciting to do there except for touring a few museums while awkwardly avoiding discussions of either of the World Wars.  From my list of countries that I wanted to travel to, Germany was nowhere to be found. On our latest Contiki tour, I figured we'd stay a night, leave, and then on to the more "fun" countries.  Well, let's just say I was in for...

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Sprechen Sie Deutsch?  Introducing our latest world flag t-shirt - GERMANY.  A beautiful country with a rich history (they have a pretty good soccer team as well!).  I had the pleasure of visiting Germany earlier this year.  While it wasn't a country that had been at the top of my list, I have to say my visit quickly changed my mind!  It is rich in everything from its food (yes, I was surprised by that as well), architecture, and landscape.  The people were much more friendly than I had anticipated.   Munich was especially cosmopolitan and just a lot of fun...

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