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Join me as I take a tour of a plantation where they produce the famous Luwak coffee, which is the coffee where they use the beans defecated from the Luwak weasel.  While there are many of these farms in Bali, this one in particular was amazing as it gave a beautiful view of the rice terraces.   It was called Bali Pulina an I highly recommend it!

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Meet Kerry, our latest Travel Teez partner.  Born and raised in Canada, she now spends her days as a teacher, and blogger, while enjoying escapades around the world.  Inspired by her partner who is an airline pilot, Kerry put together this gorgeous website focusing on tips, tricks, and stories about life around airports to which all of us wanderlusters can relate.    Author / Editor:  Kerry Hayes   |   Website:  www.airportlifestyles.com  What happens when you combine a love for airports, travel and people, with a career in language arts and writing? You get Airport Lifestyle. Writing has always been a passion...

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